The Aberdeen Fish Producer’s Organisation was set up on the 10th October 1973 and is the oldest Producer Organisation in Scotland.


The AFPO have provided a range of services to Scotland’s fishermen ever since. Our speciality is in the area of quota management, representation and marketing for our fishermen and their produce. We currently have 14 member vessels from Aberdeen to Buckie and the focus is predominantly on whitefish species. The main grounds our vessels fish are in the North Sea with some activity on the seas to the West of Scotland. The annual value of the catch by member vessels is around £10 million pounds. The vessels in membership are mainly of the pair seine and single trawl. These vessels range in size from 9m to 45m. AFPO sits on the board of Seafood Scotland and also chairs the Scottish Discard Industry Initiative and the North Sea Working Group of the European Association Of Producers Organisation.

  Our Goals

  • To manage fish quotas with our members in order to maximise sustainable fishing opportunities

  • To increase the value of our members catches by promoting improved quality control procedures by our members

  • To represent the views and opinions of our members at local, national and European level on a wide range of issues

About Us

The AFPO is committed to promoting sustainable fishing methods and is involved in a variety of projects including the Sea Fish Industry Authority’s Responsible Fishing Scheme. As they work with nature on a daily basis, the members of the AFPO are committed to the protection of the environment they work in. To this end they are actively pursuing a variety of initiatives ranging from the use of more selective fishing gear to the use of recyclable fish boxes. Aberdeen Fish Producers Organisation participates in accreditation of product through membership of the Sea Fisheries Scotland Accreditation Group (SFSAG) which has successfully attained MSC accreditation for North Sea Haddock & Saithe, and is now actively seeking accreditation for North Sea Cod.

North & West (Scotland) Association of Producer Organisations which is setup to market the members products through the wholly owned subsidiary of Scottish Seas Ltd